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What are the Measurable Results?

The measurable results include the following:

  • Employee Full Time Equivalents (FTE's) and Productive Hours -- Number of Full time Equivalent employees involved in production, sales, and management and the number of hours per day they are "productive".

  • Sales and Cost of Goods Distribution and Margins -- Sales and cost of goods can be separated in up to four categories plus total sales.  The distribution reflects total and percent of total for each category plus total.

  • Overhead and Loaded Labor/Benefit Rate -- Fixed operating costs are used to calculate the hourly Overhead rate.  Wages paid (including overtime) for production employees plus total benefits paid (taxes, medical, and other) are used to calculate the hourly Loaded Labor Rate. These are combined to reflect the Average Hourly Labor Rate and Overhead Rate.

  • Sales Breakeven point -- The Variable Costs (costs directly influenced by Sales) and Fixed Costs (costs not directly influenced by Sales) are used to calculate the Sales required to cover Fixed Costs and All Operating Costs.

  • Net Profit -- The Net Profit / (Loss) produced by the analysis matches that in the General Ledger Profit and Loss report.  The additional calculation produced is the ratio between Net Profit and Total Sales.

  • And More -- Including Operating Expenses to Total Sales Ratios and Pier Group Comparisons for all measureable results.

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