Consulting Services:

Kramme Consulting was started in 2015 by Paul Kramme to provide Consultative Services to sign-industry businesses.  Two related but independent Consultative Services are offered: (1) Financial Analysis, and (2) Pricing Evaluation.  The objective of both services is to provide a plan to improve businesses profitability. 

A Financial Analysis consultation is INDEPENDENT of the Point of Sale software platform.  The process consists of an in-depth analysis of Payroll and General Ledger Profit and Loss data for a specific time-period, and multiple reports are created including an analysis summary and recommendations of areas where improvement is warranted.

A Pricing Evaluation consultation is available ONLY to users of Cyrious Control Software. The process consists of an in-depth analysis of part and estimated part usage data over a specific time-period.  The objective of a Pricing Evaluation is to provide a plan to improve Gross Margins.  The primary report created contains the source information to update Part Multiplier values to achieve a desired Gross Margin goal.  Other reports provide a means of reviewing other important information. 

Based on educational background, experience, and client questions it became clear that a need existed for analysis tools to evaluate a business’s profitability and / or pricing competitiveness.  The concept for the Financial Analysis tool began in 2009 and the concept of a Pricing Evaluation tool began in 2016.  Enhancements to both tools continue to be made.

I am a 1963 graduate of the University of Iowa with a BA in Mathematics.  With over 57-years in the workplace I have used my analytical skills, background, and experiences in multiple businesses and industries including 10 years in the sign business. 

I retired from my sign business in 2003 and joined Cyrious Software on a part-time basis in 2004.  Since then I have worked with hundreds of Cyrious Software clients helping them implement products, assisting them with pricing strategies, and providing guidance in the use of general ledger programs.


Paul. R. Kramme

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