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Financial Analysis

27 Clients  -- 31 Engagemnts

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Sharon Schiffbauer



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RCR Enterprises

Nick Woodward

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Email: nwoodward@rcrracing

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Pete Jackson



Pricing Evaluation

13 Clients -- 13 Engagements 


Sharon writes: "Our company went through some changes but we were not sure of profitability.  After a conversation with Paul we were confident a financial analysis was needed.  We were happy with the process and results.  A followup on-site visit with Paul was also very helpful."

Nick writes: "As our business grew we were not sure of our profitability. After visiting with Paul we decided to proceed with an analysis and have been pleased with the results.  We also worked with Paul on 3 post analysis projects that were worth the investment.  A follow-up Financial Analysis and Pricing Evaluation is in-process for the first quarter of 2017."

Pete writes: "Paul helped us implement Control in 2011, and in 2012 he helped me decide how to price a large project. In 2014, after visiting with Paul, we decided to do an analysis of our business.  In 2016 we did our third Financial Analysis as well as a Pricing Evaluation   We use the insight gained to help us prepare our annual operating plan.  The experience was good and we recommend the services to others.

Client History through 2016

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